About Us

We all need slow moments

Slow moments help us to rediscover our sense of humour, our love of life, family and friends, and help drive us forward tomorrow.

At Bantry Grove we are driven by our commitment to producing wines that best express the nuances of our very distinctive and ancient volcanic soils.

To do this, we slow the journey from budburst to bottle to allow our winemaker to capture the very essence of these soils in our wines.

It takes time and lots of hand work, but we believe that the results are wines that are different, and can excite, intrigue and sometimes overwhelm you with absolute contentment.

We think that you deserve them for your slow moments, and we hope that they help you to turn them into great slow moments.


The Bantry Grove property was purchased in the 1930′s by Terrey Johnson’s father. Located on the rim of the Bathurst Valley to the very South of the Orange Region, the land features rich volcanic soils and an elevation of 960 metres. The property was the Johnson family’s sheep and cattle farm until the 1990s when the first vines were planted covering 12.2 hectares.